Where is the navy event?

The navy event hasn’t happened yet, there hasn’t been any news on the official site, and it simply seems like it’s not missed. I wanted to get another ship, and I simply won’t be able to because apparently they aren’t going to hold the event. It’s okay for you, it means you won’t have to grind through another event, but for me, who likes the navy (especially the USA), I miss this kind of event for this game mode.

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Not coming for 2 months


My guess is that the last tank + plane event was a flop, the prices on the marketplace speak for themselves.
I’m expecting something that will awaken a lot of FOMO in people again.
Let’s be honest, you can’t do that with a ship event. The bad thing is I honestly think it’s not a good idea to break with the rhythm already.


Your guess? Is a public known fact. PLZ83-130 is terrible, and the Yak-3 was the same points needed as the Obj 292. The least good thing in this last event was the Gramophone that plays music.

Only in EC with a good premium battleship like the Marat.

Occam’s Razor explanation:
They need to put effort into the major update in order to not fall behind.

Make Yamato the event vehicle and they’ll get plenty of participation! :)

There’s entire games dedicated to just ships if you want to play them, the majority of people dont want a boring meaningless grind for a copypaste ship with 5 extra rifle caliber machineguns or another coastal vessel with the bofors repositioned by 30 millimetres to the left. Naval is the least played gamemode by a massive margin for a reason.

It seems like you didn’t understand the topic. I WANT SHIPS IN WAR THUNDER, I don’t want to play another game, I don’t want other games, I don’t want ship games or anything. I EXCLUSIVELY WANT THE NAVY EVENT AND I WANT MORE SHIPS WITHIN THE NAVAL BATTLE MODE.


If it’s boring for you, fine! But for players who GRIND through all game modes like ME and many OTHER PLAYERS, they do want the PROMISED NAVY EVENT and YES MORE SHIPS FOR THE GAME. Stop thinking about your own tail and that your tail is the center of the universe and the gathering of all general opinions.

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If you didn’t understand that, then just leave and have a good night.

And long may it last - farming the bots that make up large parts of many games nets a fortune in SL that pays for everything else!

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Yeah naval sooooooooooo many players all 4 of them they just neeeeeeeed their 20th PT boat to bloat out the techtree.

Personally I think ground is the worst gamemode. By quite a margin. (the balance is aweful, the maps just suck, the economy is hopeless) Im rather annoyed that the ground players are getting another event. 292 basically killed the only bracket I actually enjoyed.

I kinda wish they had added naval before ground. Would have been a lot better.

Same can be said for tanks

Yes, tell them.

Oh yea, 150k sl for using my Wilkinson most of the time. Plus alot of the dailies are pretty easy in Naval.


Source of this info? I would like to look into it more if possible.

Difference is the event vehicles for ground seem to actually be a bit more unique like the 292 and PLZ and the next one is most likely some AVRE rather than ww1 BB thats already in the techtree but has a steam turbine replaced with a diesel or the aforementioned obligatory PT boat
Shame gaijin is being lazy with the aircraft for the events though

Its from gszabi

It was an attempt to redo the Lt Chambers data from a few years back by scraping replays. It failed because the method used didn’t count any games over 8 minutes in length. The graph above is junk data. Gszabi pulled his post with this graph in it off Reddit when he realized his mistake, and shortly after that Gaijin cracked down on future replay scraping attempts.

The best data we have still is the Chambers stuff: How popular are the various modes? - General Discussion - War Thunder - Official Forum

No one wants a copy-paste tank with a different engine, turret, gun, and length. /s


Gaijin being lazy isnt a reason to condemn naval.

HMS Renown was pretty awesome (even if they got her draft wrong and have yet to fix it, despite tech mod reports)

Yeah, they have been lazy with air as well, but I think thats kinda the point. They seem to spend too much time in my opinion adding unique new vehicles for ground and then never bother to do the same for air or naval.