Where is rp reduction for tanks?

Where is rp reduction for tanks in roadmap? i think 10 days to unlock a single tier 6 tank with premium account and talisman with an avarage of 5 hours of playing/day is a bit over the legal standards.
Folding those 4-5 tanks won’t do anything to excruciating torture of ground grinding


It is a little bit different as a simply reduction.

The major reduction in tech tree is making by regrouping similar vehicles in groups. That reduce the number of necessary vehicles for progress in the tech tree.

For exemple, in the chinese tank tree, actualy you must research 19 tanks for unlock the research of ZtZ99A (with the linked line started at T-26 reserve tank).
After the rework you just will need 12 of them (with the linked line started at Chi-Ha-Kai).

In addition, vehicles behind the first vehicle in the group have his RP cost reduce by 50% for incrase the interrest for researching that vehicles.

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Whilst ground grind sucks. this change is exactly what I want at the moment. I’ve gone from having to farm out 4x Chally 2s at full price, to be able to skip the next 2, go straight for the best Chally 2 and then the next 3 costing only 50% of what they do currently. I can also skip the next SPAA i need to research as well.

Whilst RP gains are way too low/Tanks costs way too much RP. This is certainly a step in the right direction

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And dont forget the daily bonus for each nation in you dont have top tiers vehicles and the “skill bonus” who coming later.

Oh, that sounds interesting.

In addition, all of that features coming later:

Reducing the Research and Purchase Cost of Rank VI-VII Aircraft

While our goal is to compact research trees, the issue of high research costs for aircraft in ranks VI and VII is a topic that is frequently discussed and has been closely monitored by our team for some time. Initially, we intended to address the progression of ranks VI-VII for both aircraft and ground vehicles simultaneously, once rank VIII ground vehicles were introduced. However, we have decided to separate these events and prioritise reducing the research cost of these aircraft sooner.

We plan to reduce the research and purchase cost of aircraft in ranks VI-VII in the economy update by September 2023, and will share more details on the exact changes in a future dev blog.

Rewarding Your Skill

A topic we have talked about a lot within our team and recently in our Q&A as well, is finding a way to sufficiently reward players for outstanding performance in battles.

The first initial problem is working out what constitutes an ‘outstanding performance’, as this kind of metric is often relative to each individual player. Secondly, it is not always the case that a high position on the scoreboard reflects clear superiority over the enemy team. Like us, most players like the PvP nature of War Thunder, so we have decided to create some additional RP bonuses based on how many enemy vehicles a player destroys. The size of the bonus and the number of kills required to earn it will depend on the game mode and the rank of the vehicles used - we’ll tell you all about the specifics once the mechanic is introduced into the game.

But as a preliminary example, where these numbers are approximate and are subject to change, we’ll structure the bonus like this - In Tank Arcade Battles while using rank III vehicles:

  • Level I : For destroying 3 enemies you’ll receive a 15% RP bonus

  • Level II: For destroying 6 enemies you’ll receive a 30% RP bonus

  • Level III: For destroying 9 enemies you’ll receive a 50% RP bonus

So, if you destroy 3-5 enemies, you’ve not let your team down and will receive a Level I Skill bonus. If you destroy 6-8 enemies, you’ve effectively left two players on the enemy team without respawns, for that you’ll earn a Level II bonus. If you destroy over 9, you’ve really gone above and beyond and shown complete superiority over the enemy, earning a Level III Skill bonus, awarding you with a large, well deserved RP boost.

We plan on implementing this mechanic along with the next major update in September, 2023.

Bonuses for researching new in-game nations

Currently, War Thunder features 10 playable nations, and we have no intentions of stopping there! However, as we introduce new nations, it becomes increasingly challenging to capture the attention of veteran players. They have already traversed the ranks multiple times, and therefore, each new journey through a different tree becomes less captivating.

To address this, we plan on implementing a system to alleviate the situation. If a player has a top vehicle in a vehicle branch within one nation, they will receive a RP bonus when researching the equivalent branch of other nations.

In the research tree, certain vehicles will be marked as “top” vehicles for each nation at any given time. Once a player gets one of these vehicles, they will receive an RP bonus when researching other nations where they haven’t yet obtained the top vehicles. The size of the bonus will depend on the rank being researched and will be applicable for the first three battles played each day.

The preliminary bonus for each rank will be:

For rank IV +15%
For rank V + 25%
For rank VI + 35%
For ranks VII and VIII + 50%

These are our initial plans, but we may adjust them by the time the new mechanics have been introduced.

We plan to add these bonuses in a future major update, planned for October-November 2023.

All are here …

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I really hope this will include crew rank. That is one of my main reasons I cannot be bothered with other nations at the moment. I also dont really enjoy the lower tiers, but also the difference between max rank crew and no rank crew is extreme and it takes an age to level up

I think will have the bonus too: the crew points are based on RP earned by the vehicle in the battle. More RP = More crew points.

Yeah, even then though. Isnt there a cap on crew RP earnings / crew rank takes way too long to level

what do you mean?

In Realistic and Simulator battles, for every 100 Rp icon.png the player will receive 1 crew XP point which can be distributed to the crew of the vehicle used in that battle. In Arcade battles, every 100 Rp icon.png will grant the player 3 crew XP points, but this higher rate also has the crew experience spread out among multiple available crews.

I think there is a daily cap on Crew XP earnings. I read thst somewhere. It might be wrong, but would explain a few things.

But i think crew rank earnings need to be increased significantly. Maybe by as much as 10x.

Crew rank feels outdated and really punishing. Im ARB/ASB main. My slot 1 is maxed, 2 and 3 are about 50% maxed.

When i play GRB. My slot one has my best tank. Its what earns 90% of my RP in a match. So no Crew XP gains for other slots.

Not too mention expert and ace are stupidly expensive

So i would like

  • Crew XP gains increased / XP cost reductions
  • XP transfer onto other slots once its maxed
  • expert costs halved. Maybe even halved again when buying it on multiple slots
  • ace RP halved or even third. Its currently like 3 or 4 times the RP cost of the vehicle. Its insane
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Crew XP is my main detractor from venturing into Ground or Naval. I spent enough time grinding my Air crews. I’m not subjecting myself to that again.

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Keep playing air and just spend them on ground or naval crews since you are bound to have maxed… unless you only ever maxed one or two crew per nation.

The default though for me is to just stick my chosen plane in slot 1 usually. There is no reason to stick a plane and fly a plane in slot 2 or 3, etc normally. Its not worth it. Especially with the cost

Because I started in AB then moved to GRB I ended up with the luxury of a few nations with at least a good start, mainly due to being new and clicking whatever.

But I can definately see starting again from scratch is a scary thought.

But also some top tier jets really need ace. Gr7 G-Locks really quickly without ace. Moving it to another slot. Like for GRB. Actually kinda sucks experting/aceing is too expensive