Where is my stabilizer?

Simply put, the stabilizers do not exist in the vehicles: STRF 9040 BILL, CV9030FIN, and possibly in the second version of the CV9030FIN (I haven’t unlocked it yet to know for sure).

The vehicle can be going 15 km/h or 75 km/h and still has ridiculous stabilization! It practically doesn’t exist, whereas AA vehicles like the ItPsV Leopard have perfect stabilization even at high speeds.

Test it out, the stabilization is mediocre! Even with all modifications researched and the model indicating that there is indeed a two-plane gun and cannon stabilization, in-game it is completely the opposite.

Help me, maybe I’m missing something and haven’t noticed some information about these Swedish vehicles.

It’s probably accurate or no, and you mean “second version of the CV9030FIN”? Strf 9040B? That’s the worse of all of them,

But yes, despite the mobility the two plane stabilization is limited to around 40km/h.


If you search for “9040” will show up some issue report regarding it’s stabilization. Doesn’t seems to be a bug.