Where is equity?

first of all, this forum is an absolute horror, in its presentation; understanding and use.

Then I come to my main point! I think that at Gaijin it was not well understood what happened a few weeks ago.
The revolt of the players was triggered by a decision concerning the economy of the game but the feeling that dominated was above all the inequity of this game according to the nations and from my point of view nothing has changed especially at the top tier I would like to see in reality a T-80 resist without any damage to an APDS fired at less than 50m in the front glacis… see the rubber side or bottom skirts also slow down shells of the same kind to the point of just take one shot.
In the end we continue to want us to believe that there is nothing equivalent to a Russian MBT while the foreign engineers are all unable to provide equivalent protection and therefore the tanks only have paper protection . When we claim to want to make a realistic game presenting the weapons of the whole world to the whole world, we do it with a minimum of ETHICS and HONESTY beyond patriotic feelings (admittedly normal). it is clear that this is absolutely not the case at present
this my current feeling