Where have all the big maps gone?

Lately it feels like all maps i play is brawling maps.

Even the bigger maps have become a drive towards a center where we fix bayonettes and go brawling…

(And if i see Seversk-13 more time i will explode!)

I know some love the brawling thingy, and more power to them.

But could we get some maps for us (who dislike the brawling and who wants to sneak around in the bushes and make shots over 500 m.) aswell.

Something for both types.

Pretty please.


Well, unfortunately Gaijin is going all in on the knife fight gameplay. In the roadmap you can see that they are planning on butchering Poland and Eastern Europe in order to limit flanking, and in the recent Q&A they also allude to changes on Japan in order to favour CQB. Japan on which it is already impossible to shoot pas 500 meters.

Not holding my breath for a dedicated queue for people that want to play on big maps, but it sure’d be nice.


yeah, ive read that.

I sure hope they will change their mind a bit so there will be something for everyone.

Brawling maps are WT’s version of run & gun , reflects the average age of the player base.

This crap is why I dropped games like COD and Battlefield.


Whoever they got to update Jungle, please don’t let them touch any other map. No ability to flank, and if you spawn on the one side where you can quickly gain the high ridge (G3) to the right of C you can basically shut down the other team from even trying to leave that side of the map. Terrible layout now.


I blame the community.

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On one hand yeah the community wanting to play CoD with Tanks/Ships/Planes is down to them, but nothing is stopping Gaijin from giving us an alternative.
That is what bother me, Gaijin essentially considering that you are either the majority, or you can rot.

Sad part aside from the obvious issues is it pretty much negates a large portion of the tech tree vehicles with these condensed single cap point maps. Heavies and large caliber guns are only things to use, light machines and SPAA have become useless and just targets for the increasing air spam.

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All I want is the ability not have to be part of group of lemming and be required to drive straight out of the spawn to the nearest cap, because a Gaijin map maker decided to limit the ability to find alternate routes.

Fire Arc is another great example of poor layout. If you spawn in C1, at higher BRs you can be engaged before you even leave the spawn from G5 hills (which is right outside of their spawn). All the map maker had to do, was push the spawn in C1 to just behind the rise so at least you get a chance to orient yourself. Sure I can stand still and use the spawn protection but eventually it does turn off.

There are more examples of poor layouts (winter Fields of Poland), but I’ll just have to provide feedback on the maps (if I can find them with this new forum layout).


@TenPoundsOfSalt yes I hate the fact they’re cutting out the flanking trees on Poland etc. It’s ridiculous. Being able to hide in trees and flank is what makes it so realistic. It’s stupid to remove them. The new Poland winter map is just drive out of spawn over a few hills and everybody sees each other heading to town, able to just shoot each other right there. It’s stupid. I know there’s fields of Poland but there should always remain a map where it’s realistic and keep the flanking opportunities. They just love to ruin shit. If players complain about others flanking, they should just have to deal with it and keep their head on a swivel and plan for it, because it’s a real part of battle.

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Large Poland should be reworked for sure, it’s awful spawn to spawn shooting at high tiers.

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They did rework it. The way it is now is the way the community wants it because the community has the attention span of a gold fish.

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I agree on all your points. The recent rework with all the winterized old maps just changed up some of the topography to do nothing but funnel players into the mosh pit. With a few exceptions all the prime overwatch spots were eliminated.

What’s wrong with fish?

Isn’t that better than a Lemming?