Where does my RP go after games?

Before the game:

After the game:

but the game’s rewards:

Why did it give me 2k RP in modification progress?

It’s still there, just queued up for the next match in that vehicle.
Play another match and it’ll correct itself.
IDK why it does that.

That or you found a brand new glitch; Occam’s Razor dictates I state the prior information though.

Because you had a previous battle still in progress. You can read more about this bug on the old forum:

So how do you play sim?

I know people are lazy, but just read the topic I linked. Everything is explained there.

EDIT: Sorry, I wrote this, because you posted your previous message about 2-3 minutes after I put my link. There is no way you could read whole topic I linked in that time, so I got carried away by emotions.

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Yeah I am fully aware of the bug about not leaving matches bla bla bla, I didn’t do that. I left and came back later without playing and the match was over… also there is no need to be passive aggressive.

I don’t know how Sim battles work, because I don’t play sim. But you can still try to change the modification every time you enter the battle. It won’t hurt, and it can help, so why not trying that?

Unless your issue is something completely different. But looking at your screenshots, it looks like the same bug (the “New 23 mm cannons” modification got fully researched, but the extra RP vanished).

I didn’t enter another battle in the IL-10. It isn’t that bug. It also would still tell me I got more than 2k rewards in airframe

You can try what AlvisWisla suggested (play one more battle and check if you get that missing RP). If not then make a bug report here:

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But you may have been in another battle BEFORE. When things go wrong in a last battle, it will be due to some of the previous battles.

What you don’t want is to end a battle without having a sizable module selected. Because trouble arises when modules are full AND you are not available (because you are in battle).

That is why I suggested to switch target when leaving early in the other thread.

the bug deletes RP from the battle before, not the one after to my knowledge

also, never the less… none of this is relevant. You can clearly see something super strange going on with it only giving 2k rp in airframe but 16k in useful actions in the same shot

If you take the trouble to follow pauls link, you will find me in that thread. You don’t need to explain the basics to be. There is some fine detail that I still haven’t figured out because I circumvent the “bug” to my satisfaction. So I don’t often generate bug data any more.

Ok but again either way not relevant because the bug already happened on the report card and not in the action of giving the RP

That worked but why is this still a thing

So you got the RP in the next game? If so, it isn’t the bug we refer to but likely working as intended.