Where did the SA server go?

After the patch SA is missing from the server selection.
If I set the server selection to auto, it’ll show connecting to SA, but I can’t manually select it, only NA, EU and CIS.
I’ll generally select SA and NA if SA queues are slow (my ping is ~170 on SA and ~270 on NA).


I assume it is just like the last update when the RU server disappeared. It will show back up.

This has been reported already and got marked as “not a bug”

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Okay, then we need to raise it as a bug stating that AUTO mode puts us in NA, not the server with best ping.
Of course Gaijin’s 2fa isn’t working, so I can’t raise a ticket myself, but anyone who needs to use SA for ping should do this.

This was a dumb thing to do.

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Maybe I shouldnt touch my settings then. I had it on SA only when the update rolled out. It set me to auto but it only puts me in the SA queue.

Auto puts you in SA if SA is the best ping for you, that’s not the problem here.

No, it doesn’t.
It’ll put you in SA (170 ping) or NA (270 ping).
The very laws of physics dictate that NA will never have better ping than SA for me, but I can’t avoid getting into NA matches.
If they don’t want to add the selection back in, they need to address the fact that auto-selection incorrectly drops players into higher ping servers.


It’s not reliable for me, sometimes the game starts and has only “Auto” selected and only queues for SA, but more often it shows Auto and NA checked but disabled and queues for both.

Just so everyone is clear on what’s happening:

Once again, I can’t unselect NA. Which is useful sometimes for naval or top tier ARB, but ground is really not playable at 270ms.

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That is very odd. It lets me uncheck everything and select auto to get only SA. Wonder how that happens. Can you have only NA checked and then uncheck it? Crazy that SA is only auto now.

This really is classic Gaijin. Nobody asked for it. It’s not been explained to us and it has unintended negative consequences…


Yeah, if I turn off auto and uncheck NA it just goes back to the above - NA greyed out but checked, queues on NA,SA and auto.
Even if I do the opposite - check CIS and EU and uncheck NA, then hit auto, it goes back to this.

I managed to login and raise and issue here for anyone else who’s curious:

My guess is that the pings for both NA and SA are within the range that auto is set to look for. For me, SA ping is about 70-90 and NA is around 250-300. It probably looks at your lowest ping server and selects any that are within 100 ping of that. If they are going keep the SA server as is, they should probably shrink the ping range for auto to around 50.

Response to the ticket:

““auto” adds all servers with smaller ping values. Not a bug.”

Now that is a garbage statement from a trash tier dev.


I think that just proves my theory. Your ping to the NA server is just low enough, less than 100 ping difference, that it falls within range for auto.This change will really skrew over all of players in situations such as yourself.

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All of them are trash

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Check what CIS means

Commonwealth of Independent States. Used to be called RU. Basically changed the name to refer to the former ussr states.

I’m in the opposite situation to you, I’d prefer it if I got NA & SA in auto, I get 100ms in SA and ~210ms in NA so it’s weird that you’re getting auto NA on a higher ping

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Yeah, they are outright lying about how it should work. GRB is now basically unplayable for me.

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