Where did the Rooikat SAM go?

aren’t starbursts cool?

Wernt they replaced by starstreaks

Model is 70% correct to what it became IRL

Rapier does not fire starburts

Wasnt there like several rapier verions that had proxy n shi5 later into its life


Yes, but its missile will still be inferior to Starstreak.

Once again, if anyone has anything on ZA-HVM please share it. It will be needed to push it forward, unless mods get a change of heart.


Its south african xd

This has a similar guidance system to the starstreak?
Meaning completely silent?
Also share suggestion framework lol.
Lets make it work.
Im interested to help

Well… could you try to post it in Machinery zone first like the Japan Su-27 post, in order to discussion about this vehicle’s in-game performance and as a way to make more ppl interested in it and find documents?

its already in machinery of war section lol

Yes, it would be beam riding, but unlike Starstrek it could be guided using both Laser and RF, depending on what mode tracker was in.


Cause this topic is about “why suggestion team dont accept the suggestion for Rooikat SAM”, not “the performance and history of Rooikat SAM”

Here, did the topic

News on Laserfire?