Where did the Rooikat SAM go?

I know that it has been denied, but that has been 2 years ago. Right now it could fit well for britain, and considering gaijin already made a model for it, it shouldnt be hard to add. I think now that vehicles exist that are “less realistic” are ingame rn, it could go in the game, because it was rejected for the reason of it having a mockup turret or something like that.




I believe they decided not to add it because it had a wooden mock-up turret.

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If that’s true that’s a rip because the Ostwind II was also only a wooden mock up as far as I know, and if the technology was developed and just not put together its still, technically, valid for inclusion in the game

The double standards gaijin has sometimes are really annoying


Just because Gaijin has a double standard of having a few vehicles here and there that were in a similar state as this one, or worse, not existing in the first place, does NOT mean that we should accept that.

We should not be trying to get more mock-ups and made up vehicles into the game. We should be trying to get the ones already in the game “fixed”, or “removed” (hidden).

Here’s where i’d disagree. Britain has a gap between 8.3 and 10.3, where Britain (according to Gaijin at least) lacks a IR based SAM.

If the Rooikat SAM fits the bill, and doesn’t demolish the meta or get instantly shoved to 10.0, why not add it? It fits a gap in the British tech tree that apparently Gaijin is reluctant to fill.

Then again if we subscribe to your school of thought the Yak-141 simply shouldn’t be in game.


Yeah, yes/no, it was the Coelian (Flak 314/Flakpanzer V) that had a wooden mock, I believe the Ostwind II was pure paper (besides the hull obviously) I’d rather see mocked up vehicles than pure paper. We’d get the Kranvagn, Flak 314 (returning), STRV 2000, SAAB 38, and a few other nations vehicles, only downside being Russia gets their insane mock vehicles. What I’d love to see is the 2 seater radar ME 262 that was planned to use the Ruhrstahl X-4 AtA missiles (wire guided A-t-A missile, similar to the AA-20 NORD, just not radio guided, pretty much designed to hit bombers in the night and out of gun range)

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There are documents stating that a single Ostwind 2 was created and used in WW2 which would be like how it is made in game, there are however no actual photographs of the vehicle

Exactly, so, also I believe there was only paper, and no after WWII images of it.

Why does everybody always say the Ostwind II is a paper vehicle?
We have accounts and documents from WWII that acknowledge one such vehicle being used. And the Canadian Tank Museum has it in storage (At least it had it in 2018), at least it looks like one (Saw it in person, but it is in bad shape and not restaurated, the guns are missing, but the turret is obviously made for 2 cannons), and combined with the War Accounts it is obv. not a paper tank.

I don’t think Gaijin did proper research on that thing, it needs to be removed accordingly. Mockups have no place in this game.

It shouldn’t be in the game.

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