Where did the old voicelines go?

I miss the older voicelines, especially ground battles, they had a certain charm to them, like this one:

Requesting artillery barrage, on me! Repeat, requesting artillery barrage, on ME!

I can admit that the current ones do have more professionalism, but I would still rather pick the old ones for ground battles. They are just more fun to listen to.
So, is there a way to bring them back?

I’m mostly curious for ground battles - naval battles are improved with the new voicelines, aside from a few oddities in German voicelines where Ahead full and Ahead 1/3 are… mixed up, I think.
P.S. Although, I wouldn’t mind the pirate voicelines from one of the April’s Fools event (I think), where we played in Caribbean-era sail ships. These also were fun, at least for a while.

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