Where can i actually report errors now ? wrong armor thickness LEO2 A5/A6

there was an extra plate on the front of the hull to protect the sensitive area better, (crazy enough that a bmp in the game the front of the hull through … never … )
the plate has a value of 35mm frontal … never it has this because this plate must be penetrated by the depth ! the value but rather corresponds to the value than if you penetrate it through the top ! here is clearly something wrong !

also, the plate should be divided into left and right side. since it is much thinner at the driver’s place.

the armor has in its design so a protection that is not present at all in the game. since 35mm can never be right ! since the plate is yes together with the hull armor of the depth to penetrate frontally or obliquely !!!

You can here:

Log with your GJ logs.

I can not enter anything ! I have filled out everything, even translated into Russian, so that it is also read.
all the fields that you have to fill out I have filled, but can not fill it out, because the page says I should fill out all the fields ! but these I have filled !

oh i was wrong … forgett a point at the client version XD


feel free to click it up ( i the same issue button )

Why would you translate to Russian all the tech mods are English speakers?

is both - in former times it was at least that the russian ones went faster ;)