Where are the old private messages?

I was in the middle of solving a problem with the technical moderators (since you can’t get an answer from the official support).

I need these messages back as soon as possible.


You should still be able access you own private messages on the old forum.


Can I continue to write there with others?

Yes :)

Can we pls change it back to the old forum no one was asked and that after Gaijin saying they want to communicate more this is just sad and dissapointing


If I access my old messages or send/receive messages, will I need to be on the old forum to get notifications of any replies?

Or will there be a notification here?

Any messages on the old forum will be entirely handled there. This is a seperate platform.

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Ok, thanks

Good, Then you just have to delete this new forum format and reintroduce the old one and everything is great :) bc it sucks and as you cas see no one likes it.

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