Where are all the maps gone?

I stopped playing february over a year ago. with real aggression going on playing war didnt really make fun for a while.

where are all the maps gone? is there a switch to get the big maps back? all tanks over tier 5 dont really make sense anymore because only the small maps are left … i remember there were so many more maps… all these nice big maps…
and now you get destroyed if you climb on sniper spots, WTF?

that, the large maps and freedom of movement, was why i stopped WoT and came here in the first place. i really recommended this game for years, not doing trhat anymore. its just another arcade tank game now.

i could understand to have the small maps for aracde mode, but with the later tanks in real mode? really?

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Gaijin have decided in their eternal wisdom that this game is best played when you can fix bayonetes on your tank barrel and go brawling.

I use laser rangefinder so rarely i often forget about it or/and have to look at the keyboard just to remember where it is.

This is more or less CS:GO with engine noises


It’s the same group that think that a plane destroyed in Ground should still have a “last chance” to get revenge on it’s enemy.


yeah. i just found the developers roadmap. its gonna get worse. they will destroy everything where you have to think. CS:GO with engine sound kind of describes it perfectly.
It´s a pity. It used to be so good and outstanding. Now its just a lunchbreak brawl game like all the others.

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yes it is silly, but the community want small maps, they alude to the opposite but they dont want it truly - play any match you see what they want just by looking at the team movements on the map.

They want close maps, they dont wanna drive for long, they wanna spawn, hold w in direction of enemy spawn until they see enemy and shoot, nothing more.

You could give them the world - they will only use 1% of it.

But bigger and diverse maps are the way forward i believe, or enduring confrontation.