When will you finally give us the ammunition we should have ! -leo2-

it’s just tedious. the leo fronthull was so far down nerft that everything penetrate it vom the front, what bends there around the corner. i but even 10 meters in front of a t80 not can pen while these but on any distance everywhere. except a partial area of the wedges. that’s complete nonsense.
the a6 has DM63 and end of the year he gets DM73 with 8% more penetration.
so damn it, give us our top ammunition like you give it to yours - even if it was never available on the one or the other top tier ru tank. is that so hard.
every blind man sees but at the victory ratio that no longer fits together here. at least the leo a6.can

it is simply a ridiculous disadvantage only so that the own nation shines - completely childish !

That’s like asking Gaijin to give M829A4 to the M1A2 Baseline or Vacuum-1 to the T-80BVM.