When will we get the new digital zoom weapon sight?

When will we get the new digital zoom weapon sight?
At present, there are a lot of irrationalities in our WT, a large number of 6x 8x or even 10x sight magnifications are painful, such as France, Italy, Japan or others, we cannot effectively observe at a closer distance, the magnification is too high, the field of view is too narrow, if the new weapon sight system is not added as soon as possible, I think these vehicles will become uncared for, because the use experience is extremely bad, like a blind person can not see clearly.
As in these screenshots, this kind of distance experience is simply terrible… Players must be forced to back to the rear, get more distance, and make their eyes as comfortable as possible、、、、、、、

We need to change as soon as possible, we have a lot of advanced vehicles, but the sights are very backward, still using the old backup channel,

At the same time, WT can start adding a more realistic sighting perspective with a real UI, or it can add a setting that allows players to choose between a new or old version.

WT cannot just rely on adding new vehicles, new mechanics are also important, and upgrades to irrational things are very necessary

Does Gaijin have this plan? Do we have any hope to see this year? (The new version of the forum is not very easy to use, I don’t know how to @smin or other Gaijin employees)

If not, make simple modifications to some oversized magnification shots to temporarily improve the player’s experience.


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