When will we get the EuroFighter?

AMRAAM vs Meteor the Meteor will win

Also they are not mig21s

If only things were properly modelled in game


True true. Man why can’t they just make the aim 260 faster and blow everything else out of the water. Maybe the aim-120 has better guidance system from many years of upgrades and research tho. Idk for sure but I would suspect it. Meteor is excellent missile nonetheless. Rafale and euro fighter are canard delta wing fighters, I’m not wrong.

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But the 22 would just be so hellishly unfair even I, an American main wouldn’t like it. F-15EX might be capstone of us air superiority fighter line.

Depends on how they model stealth

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If they model it with a fixed value for RAM coating and a RCS simulation on the 3d model, which I strongly believe they will do as the developer (yes, single developer) made a simulation to test RCS in the aircraft building game “Flyout” It would be easiest for devs most likely. They would also cross check results with documents obviously. F-22 would still be best if they do it this way. Lmk if there are other ways they could model it, except for purely off documents cuz that’s also putting f-22 on top.

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Stone works for War Thunder?

The problem is going to be balance as Russian ain’t getting an AESA jet till su57 unless they get a Foreign one or foreign upgraded su27/30

Likely we’ll get a round of Sea Harrier FA2/Tornado F3 AOP for Britain, F4F-ICE for Germany and an F-16 upgrade for Italy first. But Im also expecting the F-15 and Su-27 equivalents to the Typhoon in the same update as those.

Assuming that is March (based upon Gripen C delay for Sweden being because they are getting AMRAAM with it and them confirmed getting the Gripen C in March) then that Means Typhoon could be as early as June. Though, based upon the last year, even if they get equivalents in March. We could be waiting for Typhoon till 2025.

It’s called F-15C MSIP II+ specifically.

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Probably summer update at the soonest

June/September is my current guess. Though the fact they were willing to leave 2 nations at 11.3 until 3 months after 3 nations were at 12.3 does tell me they would be more than happy to have multiple nations 13.3/13.7 before adding the typhoon that would be 12.7/13.0. 3 to 6 months later

Why 12.7/13.0? Is that assuming no AMRAAMs and only AIM-9?

I’d expect June or July (big summer update I don’t remember which month), 13.3, with AMRAAMs alongside other nation’s first Fox-3s on 4th gens also (mostly) at 13.3.

i hope it comes with other nations one but it will have to be a preproduction one or AMRAAMS and sidewinders only

Def AMRAAMs and sidewinders, IRIS-T and ASRAAM are crazy good compared to the IR missiles fielded by many other nations’ early Fox-3 carriers

With every nation except France using either AIM-120B+AIM-9M/L(I) or R-77+R-73/E 13.3 could be the most well-balanced top tier in years

and don’t forget Meteor thats too strong as well

Meteor is like the AIM-120D, definitely way too strong lol. We’ll get later blocks of 4th gens with those eventually

It’s based upon an assumption that early AMRAAMs will be 12.3/12.7 (like tornado F3 and SHar FA2) and later ones like the F15, typhoon, etc are only going to be slightly higher. I.e 13 ISH. Depends on what the Typhoon DA2 gets though. Maybe 9Ms only

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