When will we get the EuroFighter?

The discussion of the Eurofighter has been going on for a while now, and I’ve been wondering when we will see it. Whether it will be next update, the ne after that or even longer, I think that the community would like clues.



It’s hard to tell, but I guess gajin could add Eurofighter Typhoon DA or Eurofighter Typhoon Tranche 1 from 3 countries no more than december 2024 or december 2025

The community can which anything, clues, aircrafts,…
Gaijin have it’s own way of communicate, sadly far different than anything the other gaming company does.

We need to wait months or even years because there are many jets that need to be added in order to reach the Eurofighter era (modern day)

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My bet is that EUR fighter and the Rafale and 1-2 more jets (Phantom ICE?) will be coming next Christmas. Hopefully AMRAAMs will come sooner than that.

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Likely last update of 2024.
Gives Gaijin enough time to balance AMRAAMs, R-77s, PL-12s, etc after being in the game for months.

F-4F ICE is likely next major though as Germany’s AMRAAM carrier.

I think if they add euro fighter, they add f15c and f15e.F/A-18C should come with amraams, super hornet should come on update after euro fighter. Fun fact the euro fighter was put into service only 2 years before the f-22. Kinda crazy the technological disparity after cold war.

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I doubt it, it only just got passed to development and they usually don’t come out by the next patch.

Though I could be wrong since i imagine it wouldn’t be too troublesome to implement.

My guess would be 2nd update of the year unless they decide to add AMRAAMs in the first update then it will probably come in the first one of the year.

“Passed for consideration” doesn’t mean it starts development then, after, or before.
Many things were passed to devs that were already in development.

Typhoon would be too powerful to add with the AMRAAM update IMO.
Gotta test the waters for a while with AARHs on weaker jets before more powerful stuff can come.

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I doubt we will see the Typhoon before the next December. Also, that’s good to know. Didn’t know that’s how development worked.

I still don’t see AMRAAMs being added in the first update of the year though, I feel like they are sacking for update number 2.

Cant wait to see F22,F35,J-20,Su-57 in 2025’s December update

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I think the f15c or f-18 should come as a counterweight to the euro fighter. Maybe the f-18 because imo the F15C is the 2nd best air superiority fighter made ever. Probably not too hard to think of the #1 tho lol

America will assert it’s rightful place as the most powerful nation that update lol. Su-57 and J-20 can’t touch it

As an america ‘‘fanboy’’ myself, i gotta say that is some wishful thinking right there…

One has the RCS of an f-18. The other is gigantic and has canards. The f-22 looks like a bumblebee on radar. Which do you think will win in any air combat scenario?

This is a video game. Things get ‘‘balanced’’.

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you know the EFT and Rafael are better then the F15 right performance wise

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Funny joke, at least speed wise. The rafale is m1.3 and the typhoon m1.8
If you wanna get into dogfight capabilities, the f15 can hold it’s own but against delta wings with canards? You are correct. I think the f15c wipes the floor in bvr, but the euro fighter and rafale are both very good aircraft. Ofc, they are multirole while f15c is more focused on air superiority

it time for me to summon the French British and German mains
The EFT and Rafael flight performance is more comparable to the F22 then the F15 only the F15EX is in a similar league