When will US get a solid top tier SPAA?

The XM1069 is not that great for use in SPAA duties as the missile is a frankenstein of anti tank/anti air missile. having a dedicated SPAA withe a dedicated anti air missile would help out a lot.

I would even take the Avenger Air Defense system at this point

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HVSD Anti Air system featuring 12 Barak-1 SAMs and a Phalanx CIWS (CIWS Radar guides the SAMs

This was a joint project between the US and Israel so both should get it.


I just dont like the automated gun on it, but i guess they could have it manual controlled

Avenger is basically Type 93 (and slightly worse iirc). SO it will be somewhere like 9.3-9.7. It is not top tier material at all.

i don’t gaijin will add a new spaa for usa since their glorious pantsir gonna get defeated and even if they add a new one it’s gonna get nerfed the day after adding it

Most top-tier SPAAs in game are automated IRL, but aren’t in WT. I could easily see them do the same thing with this.

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US top tier SPAA:


I wouldn’t mind CAP as SPAA if CAP didn’t cost 5x as much to spawn in. Unfortunately, some nations get SPAA for 70SP and others get SPAA for 500SP.


while the spaa that cost 70sp is the most powerful spaa ingame but the one that cost 500sp can’t do nothing and it’s missile or totally useless since they start twerking the moment u launch them

wonder why israel players arent complaning with their machbech at 9.3 top tier anti air and americans are complaining about the adats

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Their top-tier is the I-Chaparral at 10.3, the same BR as America’s top-tier SPAA the XM-975.

Unless of course you’re talking about the ATGMs fired by the Tank Destroyer “XM-1069 ADATS” which suffers from the highest SP cost of all ground vehicles because it is a TD.

oh right i forgot about the chaparral but still lol

It has a .50 by default and was tested with Starstreaks, Avenger could be a prime evil.

There is another quite similar thread, talking about the same thing. The HVSD and the M-SHORAD seem to be the top prospects for the new US Top Tier SPAAG.

The real question is will we see these systems introduced before something else power creeps 11.7 SPAA even more?

We should get the variant that has AIM-9X. Stingers aren’t top tier material

There’s a Linebacker (That DOESN’T have 9X)

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Where does it mount the AIM-9Xs? In the stinger launcher?

These would be the something else that power creeps 11.7 SPAAG. The M-SHORAD gets Aim-114Ls (FnF missiles, which if modelled correctly will be incredibly dangerous), and the HVSD gets some incredible SAM missiles and a CIWS, so. Its a heck of a mix.

LMAO I misread something