When will there be an Oceania option fop servers

it sucks when you want to play warthunder but you live in aus, nz or any of the surrounding islands and you have to connect to SA servers. this leads to a disadvantage in the game because we have a much higher ping than most other people. with warthunder being such a big game with an average of 53k players online it would make sense for there be a server in oceania.


The funny thing is we can’t even play in the SA server unless we use automatic server selection.
CIS, NA, and Europe are the only servers we can choose.

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im know it sucks and with there being no SA server my game is super laggy and i have problems with stuttering and i keep falling outta the sky lol

yea, it sucks…
the only option is to use a VPN like Exitlag
hope Gaijin buys a new server with all those moneys paid by players for their premium accounts and vehicles.

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In the past, because of the CN agent, gaijin did not set up the Asian server, now that the agency contract has ended, and the Chinese are playing on the international server, gaijin should indeed set up a server covering Siberia/China/Japan/South Korea and Australia


do you use it becuase i don’t use a vpn and don’t plan on using one

I use exitlag.
It improves a lot if your internet distributor doesn’t have direct line to where servers are located.
But if your ping is already below 200ms, don’t use it.

Might i do agree with this but the problem is there enough players in Oceania? to do something like that compare to Asia that Chinese alone are more than enough to even open their own server (in the past)

Yea but if they combine Asia with OCE then it would be bigger enough, most game put china with Australia cause of that, it benifit all if they would do that, so far the southern part of the world suffer from servers not be down here which sucks

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Gaijin have had 12 years to give us OCE Servers they have made the game even worse tbh and us OCE players are forced to play on 180+ ping which is just not fair on us having to deal with that while everyone else has good ping.

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