When will the penetration bugs be fixed?

Could someone tell me when the problems generated by the volumetric bullets are going to be solved?Because a lot of time has passed, and the fact that the game eats shots because the game wants to seems brutally unfair to me, so it should be solved. It is stupid to see how bullets that pierce 300 or 400mm ricochet or be stopped in 30mm armor .
Two months ago I made a report on this subject, but there is still no response, although I have very little hope, they may close it alleging whatever they can think of at the time.

I would appreciate it if people put videos of those situations in this report.

PD:I just played a game and a turms III just soaked up the damage from the APHEBC of the 100mm gun without doing damage, it just turned the tower and killed me, this is still fun playing, I think this is a hidden way of balance, if you kill a lot in the following games the game blocks you so that you lose without stopping.


You mean spalling? This was a 76mm round straight into his ammo and he didn’t detonate. Russian tanks don’t spall and literally will just turn around and end you. And this was not even a super high pen round so - the chance of it just passing through being super high velocity is low.


Exactly, that is what I mean, although in the case of those Russian tanks with automatic loaders, it seems to me that it is more of an unreal buff made on purpose to give them more survivability than an error in the penetration mechanics, I wouldn’t have it clear, or the same It may also be that the tanks with separate armor are poorly modeled, for example the Turms III has frontal armor and then it has an internal armor of the tower, in the case of Russian tanks with automatic loader it would be similar, that the automatic loader counts As armor and since the game is not well done, that internal armor for all the damage, like when there are times when the bullets stop at a scope or any module in an absurd way.

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