When will the Chinese rank V Type 59 and Type 69 see BR increases?

They’re both currently 8.0. The Type 59 have 390mm pen HEAT and 361mm pen APDS plus a stabilizer. It should be 8.3 at least, same as the USSR T-55A. The Type 69 have stabilizer and laser range finder. It should be put into 8.3 or 8.7.

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Have you played any of the 2?

Type 59 is identical to the T-54 (8.0) with the exception of having a vertical stabilizer and worse APDS.

Type 69 is, at best, a worse T-55. Type-71 APFSDS is the worst of his kind.

Type 59 and 69 are not 8.3 material, type 69 APFSDS isnt that competitive and hence most use heatfs, which is much more prone to doing less damage.

Type 69 is basically a downgraded T55A but with LRF so it’s better at very long ranges, and worse in every other situation. Putting it to 8.7 would be actually hilarious, it’s pretty much a joke compared to ZTZ88s, though honestly better than ZTZ59 which doesn’t belong to 8.7

They’re better than the T-54’s (vert stabs and LRF) but not really on par with the T-55A.

Its almost like 8.0-9.0 is way too compressed…

They’re mid even at 8.0