When will gaijn Add the avro Vulcan

The british has been dead for last couple of years, i hope to see one day a good tank or plane. But never came, i hope they add the avro vulcan in the 11th anniversary of war thunder, i cant also find the payload what avro could carry can someone tell me? And will they add maybe the avro vulcan?

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I have a suggestion for the Vulcan here: Avro Vulcan B.2 (with Falklands modifications): More than just a bomber

Hopefully never - we already have too many shark jumping moments!

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There is already a big British Delta
-wing in the game - the Javelin. Consider what an absolute pig’s breakfast the devs have made of that thing and then think of what awfulness they’d lumber the Vulcan with.

Leaving that aside, a Vulcan would be nigh impossible to place at a suitable BR. Too low and you’d basically have the king of all space climbers that could bomb every base on a map twice over.

Put it at a high enough BR to avoid the above and it would deadmeat for any 1960s jet fighter with missiles. IRL they switched to low-level strikes into enemy airspace but the maps aren’t big enough and RB markers makes hedgehopping antics less effective in sneaking past players. British V’Bombers employed some pretty potent ECM to help them penetrate enemy airspace - again - EW isn’t in War Thunder so you’d be asking the type to operate without crucial defensive features.

You could give them standoff weaponry (Vulcan B3 says hi) but then you’ve just created another set of issues.

This applies to any Cold War strategic bomber. War Thunder just isn’t the place for them.

The Vulcan has a massive amount of flare and chaff countermeasures, a decent RWR, as well as a tail warning radar capable of detecting and approaching missiles. That puts it in a reasonable place against missiles in my opinion.

You could give them standoff weaponry (Vulcan B3 says hi) but then you’ve just created another set of issues.

It could be given Shrike and Martel anti-radiation missiles when such weapons are added, that would further improve it’s usefulness.

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Don’t get me wrong - like any Brit I have a hardwired genetic predisposition towards adoring the Avro Vulcan (along with Tea and occasionally getting into fights with the French). However this game simply wouldn’t do it justice or give it any way to shine.

It was designed to fly over 1950s fighter/air defences which just won’t happen in WT. No game mode really provides for the mission profile. The Canberras can just about get away with it but they would be a lower BR than the Vulcan.

Low-level it will also be easily seen and gunned down thanks to ARB markers, etc. Like anyone who tries flying a Canberra low to bomb targets will tell you.

Think of the Buccaneer but now it will be a fair bit slower, four times bigger and limited to 3G turns if Gaijin pull their usual stunts of misreading RAF technical documentation.

I’d love it in the game - but not while the game lacks any EW dimension and not while higher-tier ARB is the frenzied air quake that it is now.

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As much as I’d love it, I’m not sure WT is as of today ready for large Cold War era strategic bombers like the Vulcan, B-52, Bear, etc.

What would their function be? What targets could they attack that would warrant those massive bombloads? On what maps?

While its as nice to have the game itself just cant support bombers in the current game modes.

You only have to look at how poorly performing some of the heavy bombers we already have are to see that adding anymore would just be a waste of time.

TLDR: If there was a game mode that could support these aircraft effectively then they should be added but there isnt so why bother?

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I’d just imagine half a dozen fighting over bases in ASB or AFs just being wiped out very quickly :P