When will Gaijin stop swindling Air Assault players out of their hard-earned wins?

Two or even three bomber waves appear simultaneously from different directions and all your team’s hard work of 15-20 minutes prior to that is thrown out of the window because we just physically cannot kill them all before they reach the base. If this was a bug, I am sure they would have corrected it by now because it has existed for years already, so logically it is a deliberate script to deny victory.

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The waves always spawn. They always spawn in one of two patterns, They always surprise people when they spawn.

One of the three is different from the others and can be fully avoided.

You overlooked the word “simultaneously”.

So the 12? or was it 16 players in an Air Assault game are incapable of splitting up into three groups?

Yes. Because even at rank 3 they still chase after bombers than have already dropped and all swarm the howitzers. Any coordination that occurs is purely by coincidence.

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They do still tinker with them. The fixed the Tier 3 (or 4?) Rhur assault where the A-20s now show up on radar and actually fly to the target.
It is supposed to be a challenge and not just, “fly around for 30 minutes, collect your booster and backups.” The team needs at least 3 players who know what they are doing to have any chance of winning. Sometimes you win, sometimes you… bring a reserve plane for when you get a team of window lickers.

That is a skill issue of the players. There are both pings and a chat to communicate your intentions. If players refuse to coordinate in a PVE mode gaijin is not to blame, unless they gave no tools to coordinate.

See comment about window lickers. I’m not arguing that it doesn’t take cooperative play, it is "Players vs. " after all. Only that… tis’ WarThunder, thats kind of an ask.

But how is “Gaijin swindeling […] players ouf of their […] wins” if the players are “to stupid/lazy” to bother with actually trying to win?

I never said I agree with the OP’s thesis.

And I somehow mistook you for Op.

I feel stupid

You should all feel stupid because you clearly fail to grasp the essence of Air Assault. You get a wave of planes, you destroy it, you get a next wave, etc. Two or three waves appearing at the same time basically kills the match. You can have a dream team that performs excellently, but once you are divided between several waves, you just cannot kill them all in time before some reach the base. It is just physically impossible in most cases. It is a swindle by Gaijin, pure and simple.

it does not.

it is not

Almost all the time, unless you just suck or don’t know how to play the mode(constantly respawning, going AFK, etc), you will make a “profit” in SL. Even when you don’t, you do get the more important RP to make vehicles actually playable in PVP. Then there is the boosters you get which are critical for FTP players to progress in the grind.
It doesn’t cost you anything to play, and TBH, and IMO, the mode is the closest thing to “fun” in WT, because its low stress. You just play the vehicles against bots so you don’t have to worry about getting clubbed by a cheater and you don’t have to feel bad about ruining another player’s day.
So I don’t know why you feel like this… if you don’t like it, don’t play the mode.