When will Gaijin fix the terrible spotting system

Thought I should put this out there. Its honestly unbearable at this point, especially playing top tier. I haven’t had one match where I can reliably spot an aircraft from more than 2km away in a head-on, with an aced crew and all stats completely maxed out. I haven’t seen one game where I was able to spot an enemy from farther than around 2.5km out. The engagement speeds in a head-on at top tier are about +700m/s. Combine the insanely fast speed with the terrible spotting distance, and you don’t have any time to react. I feel like the minimum spotting distance, especially in top tier should be at minimum 7km.
Spotting from behind you isn’t any better. I’ve been killed by enemy aircraft from 0.3km that were not spotted until after I died, which is insanely frustrating. The same terrible spotting also happens with enemy missiles (sometimes, not always), where the missile is invisible until it is in your face and you have no more time to react to it. Sorry for the long rant, but I thought at least somebody ought to talk about it.


And here I am, reading the title and thinking that this is about spotting in Ground RB, where you can mark an enemy through half a village and a mountain, but when he is standing in the open directly in front of you it won’t work for some reason…


I’m not mainly a ground RB guy, but I have noticed that too, good point you make there. The spotting system in the entire game needs heavy reworking.

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