When will Enlisted come to MacOS?

i tried using crossover but on steam it costs 20$ i wanted to try enlisted
any help?

Enlisted is free to download from the official website.

Also, this is the War Thunder forums. This question belongs on the Enlisted forums.

  1. you dident try even to solve something (no offense) you just sended me a link to the website and theres written for Windows and xbox ecc ecc.

  2. i cant talk in enlisted forums i already tried and it says i need to did at least a battle to chat.

never mind. now crossover works

never mind x3 it does not work. im doomed

You need to contact that game’s support people. This is for Warthunder, not Enlisted or crossover. You are in the wrong place to get help with this.

but you still don’t get what the guys on about lol

He said he cannot type in the forums due to battle in-activity, that’s why he’s asking here.

He fully understands its not the “Enlisted or Crossover” Forums.

@TheSherman1945 Send a message on the Official Gaijin Support page - found here Gaijin Support There’s an option for Enlisted, when you log in, just follow the steps and issue a ticket

I do understand, I didn’t say go to the Enlisted forums because I can read. I said contact that game’s support, which is the exact same thing you did, except I didn’t do the legwork.

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