When will chat be restored? I'm not playing until it is

While I can appreciate some find chat pointless or distracting (in which case, feel free to turn it off and not comment here) I personally find it integral to the game. I don’t like playing without it. I also don’t like being punished for something I did not do strictly because Gaijin can’t find a more reasonable way of handling the situation.

So I’m going to take a break from the game and not play until it’s restored. I don’t pay for premium to get part of a game. Hopefully I won’t discover that I prefer not playing or playing something else.

Feel free to rant and rave about how I’m wrong, you’ll continue playing, etc. etc. That’s your choice, this is mine.

It would be nice to know when chat will be restored so I don’t have to even look at this forum or even start the game. Yeah, I know…

Im sat here climbing thinking bring bsck team chat i dont care about the other side

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Ok. Keep in touch

I lasted 2 whole hours! So there!

(stamps feet)

Not going to play the game until the game chat is restored, understandable.


I dont think anyone was reading it anyway…

Wrong! You did.

At the moment there is no exact date/time when it will be back, I’ll try to get some more info tomorrow.