When will AHEAD ammunition be added to the 35MM anti-aircraft gun?

The 35mm air defense system is widely used by military forces around the world.
In the game, there are already 5 SAPPs using this weapon configuration. But without exception, they all do not have AHEAD ammunition.
This makes their air defense efficiency very low, even difficult to deal with helicopters 3km away
Not even performing as well as some FIVs
So I think it’s time to add AHEAD ammunition.
The approximate effect can refer to German PUMA
Considering that many countries’ anti-aircraft guns are placeholders for specific levels. Adding these ammunition will inevitably affect their level.
So I suggest setting AHEAD ammunition as an accessory that affects BR level.
When this accessory is not installed, the vehicle’s level remains unchanged.For example, PGZ09 is currently at 8.3
After installing this accessory, the vehicle’s level is increased by 1.0~. From 8.3 to 9.3
This can give players more freedom to configure their lineup and also restore the performance of the 35mm weapon system.can effectively deal with low altitude flying targets

Welcome everyone to share their opinions



Yes please!

as of now, the only object in the game capable of being used is the PUMA and the player cannot use it unless it receives the coil and fire control system upgrade, Not to mention that no other country except germany in the game would have this type of shell since it hasnt been sold to any country except the USA for testing, and the UK is planning on buying the skyranger 35 model

It doesn’t even work properly right now, so if the effect you are referring to is disappointment… then yea.

That aside, unless your vehicle has a proprietary programmator coil from Rheinmetall, it physically will not be capable of using AHEAD the way it is intended to be used.

AHEAD rework when?

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also airburst ammo underperforms heavily not only in terms of the fact it dosent work as it should but at the same time the damage is not even 1/5 of the actual damage