When this Adats problem is going to be fixed?

Hi there. Sorry if there is a similar thread for the same problem, (i have no idea)

I am wondering if they are aware of new adats (xm1069) has so many problems since they changed it from old Adats to this new crap version. The Missile never hit ground target , it goes around it or it goes on top and end up on the back of the tanks (More like Javelin). Are the warthunder team aware of this or not ?

Why they changed it on the first place anyway, and UK version of Adats is the same as the old American Version but for the Us they changed it to this ridiculous version that is absolutely useless .

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They nerfed every SAM and have apparently decided CAS is not allowed to be shot down, ever.

Also you’re wrong, UK ADATS got hit the same way

So they did mess up every single SAM in the game ?? i wasn’t aware of UK Version being hit . This is bad and will put people off from uptier battles :/

yeah the only SAMs that are still decent are the Pantsir and the TOR… both oddly enough Russian and Chinese vehicles :)

They aren’t decent anymore.

Before the so called nerf, you already could avoid beeing hit by the Thor, by doing a simple left - right - left evasive maneuver and the missile wouldn’t have enough energy left to actually keep closing in.

After the nerf it’s kinda the same with the Pantsir.
With this AA you are now only able to shoot down an aircraft wich is flying in a straight line, or Helis and drones - same with any other AA except the ITO.

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At least your missles shoot on the ADATS, since release the Gepard 1A2 cant equip its proxy stingers