When the Leclerc's reloading time can be restored to 5 S?

When you find that the French technology tree still has some economic value? Or the playing rate is so low that it can be said wasting game art resources?


Low playing rate but filled with good players → artifically nerfing already bad vehicles.
That’s how it goes with a looooot of French tanks.


Gaijin is also concerned that its valuable triumvirate vehicles may have a new competitor. Those who are not French refuse to admit it, but Gaijin indulges in French Bashing, and this is reflected in the treatment accorded to the French tree. (Quantity of vehicles, quality of vehicles, a naval tree made by lazy people, no coastal tree and no explanations from the devs…) and so on. I’m now a Leclerc user (with some modifications but partially stock) and I’ve rarely had so much trouble playing a tank, we’re pierced by absolutely everything, but our shells ricochet or do no damage at all. Ironically, the leap from 9.7 to 11.7 is gigantic, because at this BR, unless you unlock the S2, you’ve got nothing. Impossible to make a Lineup decant. And forgive me, the AMX 40 in 11.7, with its better arrow and less good than the 1st Leclerc, makes things far too complicated. Anyway, the bug reports don’t give us anything, and relying on the community managers would be a little too optimistic, given that Gaijin is muzzling them. As ehj78 said, we have to do as with the rest of the French TT, with a handful of good players playing vehicles that repel or discourage newcomers.


Fully agreed. Leclercs average reload is 5 seconds. I’ve seen multiple sources stating 5 seconds and below with the only exception being training to reduce wear on the mechanism as much as possible while still using the tanks abilities to quickly engage targets.

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The reload rate won’t change as long as the winrate keeps being so high. The Leclerc has so little armor it’s basically a light tank that can’t scout and yet the winrate just won’t go down …
France’s players are just that good, sadly …

This argument makes no sense considering how OP is Sweden across several BRs (8.7, 9.3, 10.3, 11.7); in fact, Sweden has the strongest pure ground lineup of 11.7.

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Well…There a few issues with the Leclercs that are difficult to address without going into the realm of fantasy.

A) Following the end of the Cold War, France development of new APFSDS went cold until modern times with OFLE 120 F2 and SHARD Mk.1. DM43 (or OFL 120 F1) was such a failure that went Sweden and Greece got their Leopard 2s they ended buying israeli ammo (M322).

B) The weak Leclerc gun mantlet is realistic to some degree. People don’t realize that to stabilize the gun is also necessary to stabilize the gun mantlet, the heavier this one is the more strain you put on the stabilizer.

A lighter gun mantlet allows for faster targeting on the move, something highly valuated on the French army.

C)For the S1 and S2 series the turret protection is accurate, however, the UFP is underperforming for all Leclerc by at least 100mm LOS.

D)Turret rotation (30*/s) is accurate for the S1 and S2 series according to the leak that happened long time ago. Some sources claim that SXXI has faster rotation tho.


The ammunition part isn’t completely true. While joint development fell out with the Germans, the French continued development on the OFL 120 F1 with the current iteration of the shell we have in-game later being redesignated the F1A. The F1 round was upgraded a couple times during it’s production cycle and was designated the OFL 120 F1B before the F2 and SHARD entered production, as well as the later F1B+ since Tungsten alloy shells are cheaper than the depleted uranium the F2 uses and thus was more or less a cheaper complement to the F2.

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A long time ago Gaijin said that reload rates were a balancing mechanism and they don’t feel obliged to stick to anything that can be demonstrated IRL.

You’re on a hiding to mothing.

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Yes, so ?

Not so long ago, they conitnue to say it today. The recent T-54 BR change for example.
They went up but had better reload.

According to Photosniper piece about the Leclerc (paraphrasing here off memmory), the reload was reduced from 5S to 6S to avoid shell bouncing when rammed into the chamber which occasionally causes a failure to load issue.

Chances are that it can load faster than 5S if you ask it to, but there is some leeway with this given its a tradeoff in terms of reliability to load.

Reload rate is one way to buff it, but we could also give it the historical top speed of roughly 90kph. Been thinking of making a report, but i need more sources than the Photosniper piece and i haven’t gotten around to it

Yeah but mechanical failures aren’t implemented in game on tanks like the Tiger and they didn’t nerf it’ mobility to compensate, so why would they take into account such issue on the Leclerc ?

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I commented on why the reload rate is what it is IRL. What Gaijin does for balans is a different matter

Mechanical failure can also happen on manned loaders. For them there also is fatigue after ~15 rounds fired quickly which also isn’t implimented. Aced reload on Leo 2A6 is 6 seconds just like Leclercs autoloader which is weird as Type 90 and Type 10 use a somewhat similar system to Leclerc. And even get 4 second reload which is just slightly above it’s actual maximum reload in the tank (that also requires the gun be to lined up for the reload to archive that short time).


Yeah the reload rate for these casette autoloaders is basically whatever Gaijin decides is balanced within limits that have known to work.

I just wanted to note why the reload on the Leclerc IRL is what it is using some source materials.

Well achktually there’s a AMX-APX video that says it’s 3 seconds but since its balans we wont see it The Leclerc is in dire need of a buff - #422 by nxdefiant001

that hurtful really meanwhile Russia with BS but most of the Russian players are bad and what they got? more buff for already BS tanks

I think Leclercs should buff their armor and shell first…


Indeed, and turret rotation speed + general mobility