When server crashes booster should be refunded

I was just playing naval, and (this only ever seems to happen on naval) the server crashed. Not me, not the internet failing, the server crashed, you can see this on the replay. It ends abruptly and it had told me the game had ended then in the messages, yet I was on my first ship and the game was about 4 minutes old, the server had clearly died in some way. I’d just played a 300 booster and the game had barely got going and that was it totally wasted.

This is INFURIATING! Gaijin must know their server (or game at the server) crashed, yet they treat the players like rubbish and just throw away the hard earned or paid for booster. If I worked for Gaijin I wouldn’t remotely find this fair - as it clearly isn’t fair. It’s not the player to blame, they can do nothing.
It’s just wasted, and it’s in Gaijins area of responsibility that the problem lies. So frustrating, this isn’t the first time it’s happened!


Please dont tell me you are paying for boosters

I just played another naval game where the server crashed and the game ended early maybe 3-4 minutes in? This happens far FAR more frequently with naval than any other mode. Thankfully no booster involved this time.
Given Gaijin don’t seem to care about it, as a tip to players - don’t risk your big boosters on naval.
Oh and definitely don’t play them on high BR tank/plane arcade either, given they are full of one death leavers and the games are over quickly WITHOUT the server crashing on you …