When red doesn't mean damaged?

So many times now I damage a tank, lets say the turret ring, or a track, or engine, it shows Red on the hit cam yet they carry on as if there is no damage whatsoever. What am I missing?

Spaghetti code makes effects notional at times.

Its just a hit. Unless it says damaged [part you hit] it would be but a scratch.

I’m pretty sure he meant when he got the “critical hit”. Its supposed to reduce the performance of the part by a percentage, just like damaged crew.

Red hit and critical hit are two different things
Also critical hit comes in orange highlight white text (for me)

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I’m pretty sure that isn’t true.

I picked this off of google but it doesnt seem like “red hit”

“Critical hit” means a component of the vehicle has been damaged. How much (yellow, orange, red, black) is determined by… Gaijin black magik, Probably something like “hit points” or plain old RNG.
A “hit” just means you landed a projectile on the target vehicle.

Damaged doesnt mean dead. Black is dead. Red can sometimes still operate, but may go out with use. I get shoot in the breech it goes red i still have the option to fire one more shot. It may or may not shoot the projectile, but in ether case my breech will be out after that shot until i repair.


Idk, happens all the time, usually I’ll hit gunner, it will say gunner out (black) and I’ll feel safe to push, and he just carried on as normal.

I thought red meant inoperable, IYKWIM?

Black is dead, except in a plane, when it means absolutely nothing, lol.

I dont understand what colour means what
I just look at the damage done in the cam and associate it with whatever colour came below it

The colours represent various states of damage, from yellow being little damage, to red being heavy damage.

A red turret ring will make the turret turn much slower, but a black one will prevent it from turning. Red components can still work, but they won’t work well.


He has no clue what you said, probably isn’t a native English speaker, or needs it spoken/written in a very basic way.

To sum up, everything everyone said
Light, medium, and dark->Yellow->Operational
Red->Severely damaged
Black->Dead->No work. Unless repaired.


Thanks for clearing that up, I always thought Red meant dead, cheers.

Better red than dead :)

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