When oh when are you going to get rid of RealShatter in air

This single change has such a detrimental effect on game experience and just sucks the fun right out of it. Literally nobody who plays air likes it, not a single soul. Why is it still in the game.

Yes, you made a small change to it a few updates ago, but it’s still just bad piss poor gun performance across the board.

Have it reverted, or change something so guns actually do damage again when you get a good burst in. It’s currently hellish inconsistent. One moment you shoot a plane to bits because you get a good amount of fragments on your hits, and the next you can literally unload on some plane and get a bunch of hits and a crit(!?) and enemy still just flies around like nothing happened.

Why is it so difficult for your devs to properly test damage. I constantly feel like I’m in some sort of UAT for 10 years.

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Never, because Real Shatter is a superior method of simulation than the previous method.

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Nah, today’s update is still part of Real Shatter.

I honestly don’t care, what I care about is when you hit someone they actually send them rethinking their live choices instead of getting a hit/crit message while he has just some green wing damage and you need to repeat the process several times before he’s finally dead. Guns do damage again, finally.