When new crate?

i need the new crate, my dedication is not over i must waste my SL


Video gif. Man puts on goggles and proceeds to front flip off a diving board into a pool full of money as it splashes out around him.

Yeah … close to 60.000.000SL … need a new one too.

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60 million SL? what vehicle you using to grind out the SL

Hoping it comes out when the next event arrives, so late next month probably

Yeah, I second that question!

I don’t grind. I try to enjoy the game and play for the win. I have increased my average K/B from 2 to 4 within a year. I limit myself to the BR range between 4.0 and 8.0. A premium vehicle here and there in the line-up helps.
The funny thing is that I actually managed to go from 25,000,000SL to 60,000,000SL between the toolbox and now and bought the Japanese techtree up to 8.3 on the side.
I also play a lot. Sometimes 20-30 battles a day when things are going well. Less at the weekend … It’s unbearable what goes on in the battles.

Here is a top 15 …