When might the Swedish navy sneak its way into the game?

As said i feel the Swedish navy is about ready to sneak its way into war thunder since we did have a bunch of cruisers destroyers and even some battleships. And we have alot of coastal vehicles.

So it feels only logical. And to strengthen my point id like to point out we made the 25mm and 40mm bofors among otherguns so having a ship filled with swedish domestic guns would be exciting


Considering it took 3 years between Italy and France, i wouldn’t have hope that they’re coming soon. Still, Gaijin likes to dunk on France quite a lot so maybe they will hurry it with Sweden.

I have an off topic question though if you don’t mind answering, what do you thing the Cbt ships would be? Rank II and III Bluewater premiums that is.

If u look on the old forum you can see all the suggestions for the swedish navy

Yeah but i’m asking you personally, what would you want them to be? Just curios.

I would love to see Gotland, as well as the Finnish Väinämöinen-class coastal defence battleships.

I kinda want to see swedish coastal boats. They won’t be good but a 40mm GL + .50s would be fun to use.

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or the Strb 90 combat boats with guided Missiles

Halland class would be probable as they usually pick 2nd best destroyer class. However cruiser pack is hard to tell as sweden had only 3 cruisers total from 2 classes so they might have pick another destro.

It would be much more convenient to add swedish-netherlands jointed naval tree as swedish bofors supplied dutch navy heavily.

Perhaps they’ll use the different forms of the cruisers. Take the Gotland for an example, 3 forms of the same ships, the Original, the 1944 AA crusier and the 1955, i could see them doing the Original as a premium and the 1944 version as in the tech tree.

Halland class is probably right, its famous so people will buy it, i could see the Östergötland class also if they dont want Anti Ship missiles.

that is fair but since it would be first time to do it I dont know if it will happen

actually forgot there about Fylgia and Clas fleming but those too are single ships of their classes

I think best swedish candidate then is WW2 refit of Äran class armored cruiser. It falls somewhere in the 4.7-5.0 area where dupleix was too.

but I would like to see Java-class cruiser instead tbh

The Äran class ships aren’t even cruisers but yeah they fit. Manligheten would be the best of them.

As for Clas Flemming, being a mine cruiser, id say most Swedish destroyers are stronger than her so i cant see that being a cbt premium. Fylgia would be better, especially her original form whilst having the modernized in the tech tree.