When is the KV-1B being moved to 4.7 BR

The Jumbo was moved to 5.7 due to its effective armor. Why is a tank with the exact same survivability not 4.7?


When/if it starts winning more and having a higher KD, score, etc than 4.3 tanks do in 4.3 matches.

Also, that’s post-averaging it with the KV-1E, because at players’ request Gaijin committed to not having different BRs for different copy paste variants.

Yes I don’t care about the irrelevant excuses I care about when the vehicle will be raised to 4.7 .


You asked when, I literally answered when.

If you meant to ask a different question, you should reword it and go ahead and ask that instead.

You did not answer when it would be raised you stated that Gaijin would use hidden stats to justify its current position. I already know that Gaijin will use hidden player stats to justify their imbalance of vehicles, I’m asking when the vehicle will be raised to its proper BR.


Those are the same thing. It will move WHEN the hidden stats change. You seem very confused.

“When will the snow plows drive next?” “Whenever it snows again” “BUT WHEN?!11!” When it snows again… nobody can know a time, because it’s not calendar based, it’s event based.

Yes I want to know when it will move, not what are Gaijin’s false excuses for its imbalance.

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WHEN are you going to stop replying to this thread? Exact time, please. Since everything has an exact known time according to you.

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He’s not being literal.

I assumed that, hence:

If you meant to ask a different question, you should reword it and go ahead and ask that instead.

But he refused to answer and seems committed to it indeed being literal.

Relax, dude. Spazzing over nothing.

Trying to figure out what a thread is even asking is “Spazzing”? lolwat

You’re giving a PR statement as a player on behalf of the company, what he already takes as granted. He knows the narrative.

So what is he asking, then?

He thinks the KV-1B should have its br changed to 4.7.

Random opinion with no argument = spam. Spam is pointless and rude

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Lol Gaijin is going to nerf russian vehicles? Please, continue making jokes xD


KV-1B is in the German tree.

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Never, git gud or get rekt