When is the Eurofighter comming?

I mean besides the AIM-120 it could visit the game. The German/Austrian version (idk about the british one) can carry AIM-9’s such as AIM-9L, AIM-9M and the AIM 9X (i don’t know about the AIM-9X in the game but yeah) also it uses a Mauser BK-27 Machine gun. So The British and the German main will like that because they could be more competative to the new aircrafts added in the latest update Air Superiority. (SU-27, F-15A, JAS39C and all the other variants for the diffrent countrys). And the Germans didn’t get anything in air. The Britts did get the JAS39C tho but still this will be a nice addition to the game.

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yes the germans did get the premium tornado but i meant researchable vehicles

Germany, Britain and Italy would field basically identical first round of Typhoons, likely with Aim-9M. Later variants would begin to diversify.

I reckon we could see them as early as June. They are slightly ahead of what we’ve got this update in terms of flight performance, but aircraft like the Gripen and 4K are not far behind them. They were hard denied a few months ago and told “not any time soon” but by June that would be 9 months old and by my reckoning, wouldnt be soon to when that comment was made.

But yes, Italy is going to need something fairly soon, as is Germany. Britain has just gotten the Gripen C that will keep us going for a little while, but they cant bury the Typhoon forever.

Typhoon, Rafale and Gripen E are the next logical upgrades for the european nations and would be fricking awesome

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I am already prepared for the eurofighter i have the rank 8 unlocked but my guess is that the eurofighter is going to be in the first line under The F4

For Germany and Italy, I have no idea i dont know their trees well enough. For Britian, I reckon the first 2 (Typhoon DA2 and Typhoon F2) would actually be under the Tornado F3 as they are nearly pure A2A. Later more multirole Typhoons like the FGR4 would go behind the Gripen C

I personally never played Britan aswell as Italy before in air. but do you think that there will be a eurofighter a2g too? ofc it will be but directly? The Eurofighter 2000 has some VERY nice equipment such as: AGM 65, Brimstone, Hellfire, Patriot missile, S 400, space rockets and so on and that is just crazy

They did later on, but early versions would only have a few unguided weapons. Mostly air to air. But eventually, likely the second or third Typhoon we get, would have a powerful array of A2G weapons like Brimstone, Storm Shadow/Taurus and Paveways to name a few. All 3 nations would likely still be dependent on upgraded Tornados for their CAS in the meantime (But their respective Tornados are rather insane in their loadouts)

I hope some dev sees this post and maybe he will also say something about this idea. But still it will be soon in the game (I hope).

We all do. They could come any update now I reckon without major issue. The problem is, Minor nations must be a step behind the Major nations and so we have to wait for them to get ahead first.

I doubt that sadly just how smin spoke about it


They “could” if they wanted to, but it will likely be quite a while

We going to be stuck with Sea Harrier FA2 for a while i think

You know if it dropped yet on console?

So long as the other nations arent in post-Typhoon level aircraft, then that will be fine, we’ve got several aircraft Id love to see, including the FA2, that will keep us going for the next few months. But Italy is the big question of what they’ll get. I guess either a second F-16 with Aim-9Li and AMRAAM, A Hungarian Gripen C or the Typhoon

well it must have. (that plane is terrible)

Last night I couldn’t find it in the store curios if the put it up yet.

The Tornados have amazing potential, even the new WTD. They just need to finish the aircraft. Its missing so many features and capabilities that its actually kinda insane

It is evident based on the performance of the Gripen that Gaijin was thinking the flight performance of the Eurofighter is well above what we have in the game currently and decided not to add it any time soon.

This is a false assumption, based on their incorrect modeling of the Gripen. Hopefully they can correct the Gripens’ FM and the other delta canards can make their way to the game sooner.

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But it is though well above