When is 90mm heat going to actually be good

the extreme between one shot or two even three shots its so insane with heat even detonating ammo fails for some reason or turn it yellow hows that good for gameplay

The damage model in the game is completely embarrassing, I’ve been criticizing for years how bad the damage model is in the game, which means that if you use certain bullets you depend on luck above all, and that makes it a disaster. Me I finished the event today, but it was such a horrible day that I was about to leave it, because it wasn’t even half normal, I go with object 906 and today the HEAT-FS couldn’t kill anyone, each shot was killing only a crew member and die for that same player or his partner, but without stopping, in five games I only killed one enemy and only the zsu-23-4 saved me. After the games with the t-54 1951 it was the same with his APDS, five penetrations with APDS to an American t34 and I only killed two crew members (the driver twice), or I shot the front of a leopard 1 and killed only the driver. I could go on like this for an hour, because it was happening to me frequently in all The games, if you added that to the teams that sometimes touched me and mistakes that I made, turned this day into something at the level of uninstalling the game and forgetting about this disaster forever.

im loosing my mind with the m48 due to the low damage its like politeky asking the enemy to die if i had a 210 pen aphe i would use it even in uptiers but you have a 6.7 aphe when everyone either gets sabot good aphe or better reloads

I have a good APHE with object 906, but I usually use the main HEAT-FS, but I only kill when the game wants, it’s also like everything else, the biggest gaijin mistake is basing the damage of the APDS, and HEAT-FS in hitting the ammunition deposits, which is a stupid mechanic, since these ammunitions have no problem in seriously damaging vehicles in side shots, but it is what it is, there is that horrible mechanic, those bullets depend on the enemy ammunition, with what that if the enemy has 30 bullets he dies, if he has 12 you need 5 shots to kill him, really a horrible job and with no hope of a solution.