When i try to play war thunder, it completely freezes my pc after it opens

I use the steam client, its the only one i have. Ive tried multiple fixes like updating my drivers, restarting about 10 times, verified my files, cleared cache and updated my pc. Windows 11

I dont know what to do, im basically clueless when it comes to computers. Is there anything i can do? LMK

Consider yourself lucky? /jk
Are you getting error messages from Windoze?
Does it just go black and hang?
I think some others from Steam also had this problem after the update. Search here an on the Warthunder Reddit.

I only got 1 error message after the 3rd time it crashed, it said something along the lines of that my gpu doesn’t meet the requrements to run it and i need to update drivers. i run a RTX3050 and a intel 15 10th gen.
My screen just stays frozen as it is. Yes it happened after the update

Are you sure your RTX3050 is selected and not your internal motherboard GPU?

Click on System. Click on Display. On the Display page, scroll down and click on Graphics under the Related settings. Click on Change default graphics settings under the Default settings .

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where do i do this?

Yes, I have the same problem. But there is no error message. I can enter the game by turning off “Easy” in the official launcher.

There is no error log, but I can enter the game after turning off “Easy”. This bothered me for an afternoon.

so should i uninstall on steam and download off the warthunder website?

No, I didn’t try to download from the official website, I was using steam

If War Thunder worked fine prior to the update, and now there is a problem it’s related to WT and not your hardware.

Try following this as it may be linked to a problem with your Easy Anti-cheat. War thunder fails to start after easy anticheat loads

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Thank you, but it’s ineffective

i think my war thunder is cooked. theres nothing i cand p

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Did the game work before the update? Can you play other games with no issues? If any of these did then there is a issue with War Thunder. If they don’t then it’s a issue with your hardware.