War thunder fails to start after easy anticheat loads

I have tried several things and I will just list the ones that I tried with no success:

Reinstall war thunder
Booting from the launcher at different graphics settings
Booting from aces exe
Checking file integrity
Checking drivers for updates
Deleting Warthunder cache
Running DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth and sfc /scannow

I am not sure what else I am missing. Are there any additional suggestions?

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Exclude the game folder from antivirus scan/monitor.

If that doesn’t fix it, then repair the EAC service by running the setup exe from the EAC folder in the game folder as administrator.

You were correct in suggesting the antivirus! excluding it resolved the problem.

Thank you so much!

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How do I do this?

Depends on your antivirus, but most of them in thier main interface should have an exclude section, and you want to add the game folder to it.

Run the EAC setup as admin by right click on it, then run as administrator.

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thank you man

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Hey man, I am having the same problem, i tried everything so for, could it be anything else

Having the same issues since yesterday, never had this kind of problem before (since 2015, same computer win 7 64). Tried both methods, didn’t work.

Still thank you for giving advices.

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Did you do the antivirus exemption, then do the repair service? What’s any error messages saying currently?

I did both methods, I dont have antivirus software, only have the same firewall software since few years ago, and it is not giving any warning or other things when warthunder runs.

The game dont give any error, any, after the EAC screen loaded and the prompt message saying win 7 is obsoleted (always the cas since 2 years maybe?) and then I click on OK and the EAC keep loading, after a period, the EAC loading screen disappear, the game went silent. Nothing, but the ace.exe is still running in the backgroud, but no / very few CPU or Memory occupation.

If I launch a new session of warthunder, the interface with PLAY button will always stuck loading, showing " checking game update, plz wait …" with PLAY button grey. And I need to kill the “ace.exe” thread to launch a new game (with PLAY button red).
I tried run the game without any software running, but samething no change.

The computer setup, the desktop stuff all that is unchanged since a long time, even no new software is installed recentely, no computer anomalies is observed recentely.

Thank you for your reply.

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PS: But I did add the game folder into the whitelist of my firewall, and then run that EAC repair as admin and the process is smoot, it says completed.

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Did you have a custom hangar? Or any mods and such, if you did remove them and verify files again maybe.

(Google told me when I googled war thunder windows 7)

It worked! Thank you for your help!!!

I did have a custom hangar but it didn’t work since a long time.

Here is what I did : fist I remove all the related custom hangar files but it didn’t work.
Then I redownloaded and reloaded the custom hangar and make all the proper changes and add the " hangarBlk:t="jungle_hangar_petra_2-0.blk" line into the “config.blk” file, but each time the game launched, the line is automaticly clear. I add that line for a second times and the game launched… quite weired but it worked but not that custom hangar.

The problem is indeed about custom hangar.

I should maybe google more so that not wasted your time.

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Nah, you didn’t waste my time :)

Good to know you got it sorted.

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I come back to give an update.
In fact, since last when the problem solved, the game won’t start right after a next launch, I remove all custom hangar stuff / re-add all that stuff, or check file from launch interface, repair EAC, those did not work. Only way was deactivate EAC option in the launch interface, and the game lauche.

after 2 days no play, today there is a new update, I turn on the EAC in launch, and the game work, with custom hangar.
Hope these infos will help.

PS : It still dont work with EAC on, must turn off EAC at launch interface to make the game goes.