When gaijin decide to love you - trophy reward

am honestly still in shock


How many did you have to open to finally get one that wasn’t full of weaksauce?

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417 before that one BUT!!! i have gotten new year smoke and another lower br premium plane

I got PT-811 coupon and Tornado MFG on account in my first 65. After that 300+ opened,nothing except some decals on account, no vehicle or coupon of any sort.

Sl crates? I got the shitty mig23mf in non coupon drop

ive won around 5 vehicles with the chests. My favorite was the M60 AMBT others were just lower tier stuff like rank one or two.

It’s actually a pretty good plane in it’s own right.

You’re a gaijin employee trying to make me spend more SL. I won’t stand for it. (I’m going to buy some more)

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I wish I was then I would done some big changes but am mearly a player who was pissed off for all the scam boxes and one day something awesome dropped for once

I’ve wanted the Ersatz M10 for years. I am 100% convinced you are in cahoots with gaijin and have been paid a rather hefty sum of money to keep quiet as I have spent millions of SL on crates, and opened just about 1000+ in my war thunder career and never got even a rank 1 talisman from them (this is obviously a joke ik you aren’t an employee).

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Opened less than 100 for sure (not counting) and got Mig-21PFM, jets aren’t my thing but shut your mouth when gaijin blesses you finally i guess lol

Dud I got pfm after 10th create

I rather get a rank 3 premium then some russian overpowered plane

I’d rather have a choice if i want a tank or plane tbh 😏

man I feel for you… but the m10 just came out of nowhere for some reason

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