When fsr going to be available

Still no fsr for this game? Why?

Use render resolution with TAA for the same benefit.

Im currently using HD 6870…(Turkish economy problems) Does it work on that?

You dont get upscaling with that. So not the same benefit.

Im gonna buy a new computer in 6 months but all my computer can do is 40 FPS in medium

Id suggest looking into the open source Nimez driver to see if it allows you to run driver level FSR if you want a immediate solution. No clue if there are any issues Warthunder has with running open source drivers

I heard some people get banned from War thunder because off a fsr 2.0 mode for War thunder

Yea im on my pc now and… there is no Nimez driver for hd 6870… i just have to wait for finishing my high school and start work for 3 months for 40.000 TL laptop (its like 1000-1100 dollar) thanks to gaijin for not supporting fsr3