When Can we expect the 5.0-7.0 Air RB Matchmaker to Make a Full Lobby?

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I spent 1:30 in que, only to have half of a lobby. How am I supposed to get 11 kills when there isn’t even that many people on the enemy team? I understand there are rules to match making because of the 288 spam but these small games are often low action, chasing bombers and waiting for the space climbed FW-190s to dive and breakoff or the 109s rip their wings. The issue has gotten better but, the fact of the matter is, it still happens with alarming frequency. What will the solution be?


When more players play the BR.

When Gaijin removes the Ju 288 C from the store (never)

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or They makes it unplayable such as moving up to 8.0BR.

I stop at 4.7, and start again at 7.3.

I refuse to play that shit-hole of of BR range that is 5.0-7.0.

You’re lucky you got that many players, its normally 7 vs 7.

Not the issue.

Basic rule: Less players favors more experienced pilots.
Exception of this rule: 4 of your teammates are bombers (either with scripts or without a clue) and the few own fighters see trading in a headon or killing a few ai units (just in order to get bounced) as a viable strategy.

From my pov this lobby is rather overpopulated, i played the last months a hell of 6 vs 6 up to 8 vs 8 matches - either on Pacific maps with 4 B7A2s or together with 4 Ju 288s.

As many experienced pilots avoid this bracket due to various reasons the quality of players active there degraded too. It boils down to rather inexperienced GER/IT fighter pilots facing constant uptiers vs even less experienced US/UK fighters; but the later have a) numerical advantage and b) massive performance advantages as GER/IT fighters are usually overtiered and US/UK fighters usually undertiered.

So “low action” as a result of farming bomber bots or tankers and “waiting” for the few GER/IT fighters is a result of this artificial “petting zoo” for US/UK pilots.

Things change if experienced GER /IT fighters play there, due to the lack of competition for US/UK pilots (on average) they wipe out whole lobbies despite being outnumbered and outperformed (often outclassed). The best evidence is the recent uptier for the Re 2005 to 6.0.

From my pov the easiest solutioin would be to allow mixed teams - so stop this semi-historical MM there and allocate the 4 Ju 288s to both teams. It would level the playing field at least from the number perspective.

2nd solution - reduce the number of Ju 288s to 3 - they have done this around spring this year - unfortunately just for a few days, but it helped a lot.

I mean gaijin is aware of this issue for years now - and it looks like they are doing this on purpose. They guarantee (almost) every Ju 288 a base kill (4 bombers, 4 bases) - so they get a profit even if they got immediately killed.

The US/UK fighters get (almost) free farming time allowing them to progress faster to more profitable (for premium sales) jet fighter ranks. 3 years ago it was often a real pain to fly US BR 5.0+ as even if your plane was better in many aspects you always had a bunch of 109s above you.

The few German/Italian pilots active there are just sacrificed to gain income from the much larger US player base.