When can navy be taken more seriously

Major update 2.33 is still another update that naval players don’t get anything exciting. We only get some old WWI ships .When can we see 406mm guns or big anti ship missiles in war thunder ? 2024 ? Or even later?


It would certainly be nice, its also just super dumb that they chose the Orion Class when the UK needed top tier Battleships that would compete with obviously not Scharnhorst, but something like Bayern in the QE and R class.

Plus it feels like we shouldn’t be too far from the poorly armoured 16 inch battleships. Although it’s going to be insanely hard to balance those ships. They may do better to implement a WW1 BR cap and then start again with things like Bismarck, KGV, Nelson, Nagato and Colorado and kinda just start from the ground up again. Something like the QE can’t compete with Scharnhorst let alone what comes after her.

Also it has been ages that the top naval br being at 7.0 . We should go ahead into 7.3 and 7.7 as soon as possible.

The submarine event surprises me. But when can we see submarine in tech tree? Or even guided torpedo?

Most people have not even played naval. I suggest chilling out.

To add, I think top jets are really hype right now for the game, so they are adding more to the top end and balancing the countries and their arsenals to give more options. Obviously with subs, naval is on the horizon.

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Not until naval stops being a dead game mode. And no, i dont believe those that say “i will play naval when they add X”

There continues to need to be an update committed to just naval. But it’s also a self defeating issue. No one wants to play naval so it would upset the large majority of the community because they want more content for what they play.

What about when X = players

I really think Naval just lacks a lot of polish. The crew audio is so clunky, spammy, and uninformative. I think it actually makes wrong calls like mixing up starboard and port. For the amount of comms on a ship, there’s a surprising lack of noise, and it’s just the Captain making repetitive spam calls about ship direction. I realize a lot of this is probably customizable, but it shouldn’t be so offputting at the start. Similarly the alarms are excruciating. I don’t see why sound has to come from the perspective of a crewman with his head taped to a speaker. Why not be muffled by its position in the ship respective of camera location? Like with tanks, you can hear the shell casing clang and bounce louder when your camera is aiming within the tank. On ships it is just full blare. There should be something majestic about sailing on the open seas like flying through the open sky. There’s alarms and crap on planes, but you don’t hear multiple alarms as you’re getting shot. I like the alarms for indications, but they should come from the ship. Also tank crews announce when you lose someone or when someone is dazed. It’s clunky right now when a tank gets blown up with a full crew and one guy screams how many are incapacitated. There’s no indication of crew loss on ships.

Also I think the repair button should be reworked somehow. You will literally have to spam it during battle it seems because the button light just constantly relights. It’s not very compelling gameplay. Maybe there could be some kind of compartment assignment for repair crews. Also not sure why or how nearby ships can help with repairing.

The sighting, leading, and fighting is great once you learn it. It’s incredibly complicated to learn at first, but it is fun.

The laziest thing that could be done for the audio crew stuff is at least have an XO declare to the Captain what’s happening or have intercom reports from chiefs on stations. Make it feel like a ship. If bluewater ships could feel different from coastals, that would be even better. Coastals are tight ships, small crews, salty fellows. Bluewater destroyers would be much more professional.

I also think this mode needs aviation NPC sorties instead of artillery. So ships should be able to coordinate squadron flights. That would really light up the skies with the AA guns and require some degree of teamwork to escort ships with worse or no AA.


Also talk about naval AA, it is a mess, if comparing to tank battles, is like every available tank roof machine gunner automatically shooting at any enemy planes flying 4 km away, and being very precise at that. At bluewater reserve level, the planes are indeed a serious threat, since these ships have barely any AA protection, at 4.3+ the planes rarely make it to a ship. The technological side of naval AA is also a mess, you will have HE-VT armed ships with air radars, fighting a WW2 plane.

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Naval needs a lot of attention to make it more fun.

There is a huge issue in Bluewater and Coastal with ships that just aren’t competitive. There are nations that not only have a lot of uncompetitive ships in a row, but also those that have no reward for your suffering at the end.

Adding the most recent Premium Battleships feels like a huge mistake on Gaijin’s part as well. They’re not bad ships, but they’re bad ships when they get drug up to face the Scharnhorst and other 7.0 ships they have no shot against. So now you have a very disappointing ship you payed a lot of money for, because this happens all the time.

This feels like the infancy of WT when the D13 was introduced and it was not only fighting P-40s, but P-51s with a P-40 FM. And that lasted for months before Gaijin fixed it.

Gaijin has to move forward and find something to fight back against the Scharnhorst.

never, its about as boring as planes and for bots anyways