When can I have a 600mm Karl?

I have a 380mm Sturmtiger, when can I have a 600mm Karl?


Because ole’ Karl was moved along only via the train rail system.

Karl was not a tank nor even remotely a self-contained vehicle.

What u mean is the 800mm Gustav he is talking about Sturmörser Karl

WT has trains and train tracks… there are rumors of playable armored trains. So…

Where you can have it?
In your dreams!

Larger than the Maus.

Easily spotted from across the map.
Easy to CAS, HE, Arty or even MG.

Most likely slower than the Maus with an atrocious reload, and needs supporting vehicles for carrying munitions and reloading. No, not within criteria to add.

I wouldn’t be so sure that he wouldn’t appear in the game, the same thing was said by the people with the sturmtiger.

Sturmtiger is an entirely self-contained vehicle, though. It simply wasn’t added for years because it’s very off-meta and not viable. Hell, Gaijin coded it to where even after you fire you still have a shell in the barrel during the reloading process. It’s also extremely easy to break the barrel, and detonate the shell inside the barrel.

It’s very off-meta and just not viable. Is it funny when you get kills with it? Absolutely. Is it a good vehicle? Not by a galaxy.