When are you going to fix bombers?!

Seriously, it’s been years gaigin. This is fking ridiculous that for nearly 10 years people have been telling you bombers are way too weak in the game. Fighters shooting nearly 2km away blowing off wings and tails is just obsurd. Aside from the ridiculous unrealism of it, it’s just not good gameplay. If a bomber comes under attack in the opening minutes, they might as well just nose dive in the ground and get it over with. this is trash gameplay.


And how would you fix that?
Bombers do not belong in this game at all, brainless gameplay of flying straight for couple of minutes just to press spacebar turn around and do it all over again. Not only its boring it also have almost no impact on the outcome of the battle.
Plus the meta now days is not about climbing over 5k. Most of the players are low fighting. There is no reward for covering bombers do why should anyone do that.
On top od that strike aircrafts like wyvern does the same job but better and faster do yeah.
Just delete bombers imo there is no good way to balance gameplay or performance around it

It’s almost as if the answer is in your own comment.

brainless gameplay of flying straight for couple of minutes just to press spacebar

no impact on the outcome of the battle.

There is no reward for covering bombers


Oh, I don’t know. Maybe…

Reverting the nerfs to AI Gunner’s so they’re effective again but not overbearing.

Reverting the nerfs to the DMs.

Larger maps.
More spread out objectives and bases.
Bases actually having an impact on ticket count again.
Destructible airfields.

Rewards for escorting and defending bombers.

I could go on…

  • Overhaul the damage models. Massively increasing the fidelity of the aircraft models. They are the same number of parts as a small single engine fighter. Just scaled up. Damage to the wing or tail, just results in teh entire wing/tail falling off. Instead of creating a hole or localised damage.

  • AI gunners have been nerfed to hell and are basically pointless for ARB. So restoring AI gunners to at least a reasonable range (say 600m?)

  • Remove markers (or at least massively reduce marker range) for medium and heavy bombers. That way they can have an easier time “sneaking” past the enemy team

  • Overhaul contrails to be more realistic for the same reasons as above

  • Lower the BR of most bombers (with split BRs this is now easily doable) Most bombers are massively over-BRed and do not have suffecient weaponary for defence at their current BRs

  • Improve ARB for ALL ground attack aircraft. Not just heavy bombers. The biggest issue is the inconsistancy and/or lack of ground targets to drop bombs on. Adding “heavy bases”, more bases (or faster respawn times) or damagable airfields to ARB would give bombers a target they can always drop on.

  • Increase their spawn altitude further

  • Add a purpose for bombers by giving them targets that actually affect the battle in someway. (Maybe even win it)

Honourable mention

  • Add an RB EC gamemode that would be better suited for all strike aircraft

Because fighters complained that they had to climb and not sit below like 2k. Bombers used to be able to affect games and they should make that happen again.

It worked well back then when bombers would work together to ensure that they could reach and take out the mini bases then the af. All while fighters did their standard dogfights and a couple would go on bomber hunting/escort duty.

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This reads like a RB thread… why is it in general?

  1. The problem described isn’t generally true. It might fit for AB/RB, but not SB. Therefore it has no place in the general section.

  2. The argument about Bombers being too fragile is old, and it is always approached from the wrong angle. In terms of how many hits a real Bomber could take the bombers aren’t too far off their irl coubnterparts. The real issue you have is mouse aim allowing for a far higher effective range and firepower for all aircraft, resulting in quicker deaths. It should be obvious, but somehow everyone ignores it. pointing and clicking with a mouse is far more accuraty than anything a real ww2 pilot could achieve. Coupled with the countless of hours you get in WT compared to real pilot experience it should be obvious that the gunnery of WT players is far better than any real life pilot. So when you fire at a plane, many more rounds hi the target than when a real pilot did back in the day. This creates the impression that bombers are more fragile then they are. Real Pilots had about 150-300 hours of training. That’s without shooting at anything real. Take a new player put him in SIM, let him fly around for 150 without every shooting and then look at how quickly he takes a bomber out… comparing RB/AB battles with real life and expecting similar outcomes is just ridiculous.

Bombers are fine. Just play them in GRB instead of the goofy dogshit gamemode called ARB


You answer your own questions as others have stated but you proceed to call bomber gameplay boring.

Why even engage in this discussion at all if it has nothing to do with you because you clearly do not like it.

Look at everyone else’s thoughts about this and you should reconsider how you share your thought because you are wasting your own time and ours by posting such a negative comment about bombers.

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But then I have to research, buy, and play tanks (which is not what I’m interested in). Then, if I don’t get enough points per game, I can’t spawn any planes at all. What bullshit!