When are we going to get BR decompression, seriously?

Hey, a French main player here. I want to share my honest experience with 8.0 to 9.0 French jets recently (2/7/24 ). So as for the 8.0 mystere, its amazing. Unless I’m facing a sabre with AIM-9B in a full uptier, i’m constantly winning gunfights. The 9.0 Super Mystere, if I’m being honest, I’ve had a blast playing. The grind to get the missiles in it is surprisingly easy, and with the addition of npc jets in air rb grinding has become slightly easier. I recommend if you’re an experienced player working on starting a second country that you give France a look.

Speak for yourself… my Tiger 2 sees pretty common downtiers, and with that said, I still do very well in uptiers in it as well…

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Tiger II at 7.7 is still honestly fantastic, unless you’re on a map that really favours mobility.

They add way more vehicles than they add BRs, the balance is a complete and utter joke but they refuse to acknowledge the problem.

BR decompression has happened in last few BR adjustments and will continue to happen.

There are far too many vehicles to move them all at once, so they will move them in batches.
Yeah, it will cause some temporary compression and it will take time.

If you shuffle a few vehicles around, it is not called “decompression”. It has been a year, and everything gets more and more compressed, for the sake of select few BRs being playable. It’s called “decompression” when you actually increase number of BRs, not shove vehicles with significantly different capabilities in the same slot

Yeah. Total volume of the cylinder, so to speak, has not changed. All decompression has been localised.

The compression of the Jet RB match became huge issues after v1.85, but it has already been more than 4 years and has worsened to the present like 9.3 supersonics and all-apsect missile spammers in 10.0BR.

It is NOT “temporary”.