When are we getting functional BRs for most french lights?

AMX13 FL11
Strictly worse than the chaffee at a higher BR. no stab, worse depression, same gun, no .50.

EBR 1951
god this is a joke. 5.3 tank with 104 pen. Doesn’t even have apcr

Char 25T
7.7 tank with a 194 pen AP stock grind to T3 209 pen APHE. One of the worst vehicles in its BR cluster and still got moved up with the decompression.

271 pen APFSDS at 8.3 is sad. No stab, no thermals, gun recoil moves tank when firing sideways making repeated shots hard. Nearly nothing going for it besides size at a BR when thermals start showing up.

Its just sad how many of these vehicles are just inferior to everything around them. All of them need at least 1 if not more BR drops (christ, how is the EBR 1951 still sitting there).