When a bug is acknowledged, the hidden sources should be revealed. A.k.a question about the mystery of hidden sources

Let’s use this report as an example: The source that is visible to everybody, well… It’s non-family friendly word kind of source, and I’ve no idea how it would be acceptable. But here’s the kicker, the main source, used as an justification to send the report to developers, is hidden to public eye, and I’ve to ask, if it’s used to just protect themselves from leaks, why is it still hidden after being acknowledged?

Okay, maybe for some reason or another, the source isn’t confidential but isn’t allowed to be shared ( But for some reason, it’s okay to share with Gaijin staff), how can we trust that what the hidden source says isn’t non family friendly word starting with B and ending with T ?

Its not that it isn’t allowed to be shared. Its that often bug reporters pay real money for documents, and Gaijin doesn’t want to give away what they payed for to everyone else for free.

So we’re left guessing whether it’s non family friendly word or not?

Or you could just relax, over a video game.

Man, idk, I’m pretty calm

A .pdf from the 1980’s that just casually mentions a lower speed is enough to nerf NATO vehicles heavily?

linked to internal report

This is just one part of a much bigger report they’ve been compiling.