Wheeled vehicles going through sand/mud needs a looksie gaijin, this is ridiculous

Dear gaijin employee, do me a favor. Take a car/truck/van or whatever, and then go close to a beach or whereever you can find som loose sand. Try to drive through the sand and tell me how hard you find it to go above 15-20 km/h. I dont care if its a van filled with stuff so its barely road legal and it has like a 140 hp engine, it has no trouble hitting 20 km/h in sand. This shit is ridiculous on some maps.

Im not talking about the full desert maps, those are somehow fine. But stuff like golden quarry has you spawn into wet cement sand apparently. Or Breslau which is mostly paved/cobbled road is somehow acting like its a fucking meter of wet cement on alot of spots on the map (where it is cobbled road mind you). I know the light wheelie bois weigh like 20-30 tons, but they also have 8 massive offroad wheels and like 500+ hp. Struggling to hit 20 km/h in sand/mud is a fucking joke.

Wheelie boi enjoyers.


driving wheeled vehicles atm does feel like all ground besides pavement is very soupy

Have you tried being on the side of a hill in wheeled vehicles recently? its like you are on ice for some fucking reason aswell. I dont get where they got this shit ass traction system from. If its to combat getting into elevated positions, then why is it fine in tracked vehicles, but not in a wheeled one?

Oh boi you better not get into a favorable position (like how you are meant to play them). Since you have no armor, you are supposed to flank and get into unexpected/niche positions with them no?

Its the same with the recent map changes aswell. Its like they are just forcing no flanks, no cool positions (like on top of the hills on Japan), and just front vs front CQB fighting. Thats it.