Whatzit? Odd game log text

Saw this today for the first time in the game log/feed:

“Commander returned to the ranks”
Any one know what that is about?
This was in a regular random GRB game.

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Maybe it’s something new with the update. It probably part of crew repelnishment

The Commander is no longer taking the field…

Odd translation of your tank commander un-dying maybe?

Maybe. Didn’t they add crew health too? Might’ve been that

I don’t recall my crew being injured or being replaced at the time though… Strangeness.


Wait, does this happen to be from that same match you were talking about in the banana thread?


Oh ok

Being a tank game and with the new “healing” mechanic, I would guess your “wounded” Commander was healed enough to return to battle and that is the notification about that . . . . just a guess tho

Its a really bad wording then. Since the crewmember never leaves the vehicle…

Nope. This only means that he is able to do his job again.

That isn’t what it says or what it means. Maybe. Remember I wasn’t damaged or wounded when this message popped.

That is exactly what it means. Regardless of why it was there to read.